1st Assistant Director

Eric Sheehan is an Assistant Director, facilitator, organizer, leader, and ally. He has helmed independent features, commercials, music videos, infomercials, reality TV, and short films for the last 6 years in Los Angeles. Eric fell into Assistant Directing. A natural thirst for efficiency and an unabashed delight in demanding everyone's eyes and ears make him right at home running set, thanks to the folks in film school who suggested he Assistant Direct. Eric prefers to go above and beyond beforehand to get the right plan for the right job, though he revels in the challenge of rescheduling a day over breakfast. His puzzling and problem solving skills are among his greatest talents. A natural born AD, Eric rides the line, mocking crews into productivity and generating momentum, while keeping everyone on the same team.

Eric has helmed 8 feature films, recently finishing production on a horror comedy shot on location over 5 weeks in Mendocino County. Titled very literally, CRABS! the film was Eric's largest and most challenging undertaking to date. After one week of pre-production he was given the title of Co-Producer and a stake in the project.

Though at home working in the narrative feature world, Eric's career has been accelerating in the commercial, music video, and reality TV realms. Recent commercial clients include Pfizer, MTV's Scream, Warby Parker, [Adult Swim], Ruffles, and the Resident Evil movie series. In the music video world, he's worked with the Far East Movement, Iggy Azalea, Ry X, KEM, Sage The Gemini, Aimee Osborne, and everyone's favorite saddest pop queen, Lana Del Rey.



Producing has come easy to Eric. After being handed the opportunity to produce a number of times he quickly realized his appreciation for the task and stopped complaining about production so much.

With a solid team of accomplices, cohorts, and collaborators, Eric stands ready to take on any task with rational, intelligible discourse. With his youthful, ever growing team as one of his best attributes, ego is left at the breakfast truck and actionable solutions are paramount.

As Producer and AD, his total understanding of the day, budget, and situation is a major asset, and allows him to put out fires before they begin and help start to put everyone's best foot forward.

He's Co-Produced and Assistant Directed 2 feature films. CRABS! in 2015, and Blood Type: Unknown in 2011 which was accepted into the Newport Beach Film Festival in 2013. He's also Produced and Assistant Directed a short film called Off The Grid, that won three awards at the 2013 LACFH including Best Narrative Short and a music video for Jake Troth's "On My Way"



Eric has been editing professionally for 12 years now with experience in a myriad of styles including Narrative Features & Shorts, Corporate Cinema, Behind The Scenes & Documentary, Extreme Sports & Music Montage, Infomercial, and Commercial. Mastering the Final Cut Pro and AVID (MC, Nitris, Adrenaline, and DS) platforms, he's a technical and temporal artisan. His chops are constantly evolving through a dedication to new technologies, techniques, and technobabble.

Eric has cut three narrative feature films, including Sharp and Mirror & Missal: The Magical Women of Echo Park. He also works in both corporate cinema with clients like The North Face and John McNeil Studio as well as the conceptual art world with artists like Christopher Richmond.


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